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School of Radiography

Sharon Regional's School of Radiography

Sharon Regional's School of Radiography
740 E. State St.
Sharon, PA 16146

Program Defined

24-month Program containing two affiliations:

Associate’s Degree in Radiology – obtain in conjunction with Butler County Community College (BC3).
Bachelor’s Degree in Radiography – obtain in conjunction with the 2 plus 2 program with Clarion University

The change in the curriculum by Sharon Regional is in preparation for the ARRT’s change effective January of 2013, in which candidates taking the registry exam will have to have an Associate’s Degree or higher plus a certificate from an approved program in order to be allowed to take their national registry.

This change does adjust the current program curriculum in that certain classes will be held at BC3 in order to complete the Associate’s Degree track.

The courses provided at BC3 that were originally a part of Sharon Regional Health System’s program include: Basic Human Anatomy; Medical Terminology; Medical Law and Ethics

If a candidate is a part of the approved two-plus-two program from Clarion University, the student will not be required to take courses listed above at BC-3. When those classes are being held those candidates that do not need to attend those classes will be released for the day.  If the student chooses to take those courses as review then they will be provided time to attend and take the classes.

Candidates that are from another college or university that have already obtained a BS degree or Associate’s degree in which that degree already included those three courses then they can attend Sharon and have the OPTION to take those classes at BC-3 if they desire to receive a review in those subjects.  

But if the candidate had not taken those classes in obtaining their degree or had not taken those classes in the past five years and received a grade of a “C” or better then they will be required to take the courses at BC3 and receive a “C” or better.

The courses listed above will be provided in conjunction with classes already held at the Hospital and therefore will be completed within your scheduled 40 hour week.

Students must rotate and accept responsibility for driving to all clinical sites including St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Youngstown, OH; the Hubbard Diagnostic and Specialty Center, Hubbard, OH; and the Diagnostic and Imaging Center, Hermitage.

For more information, please contact Robert Piccirillo, MBA, RT, (R), Director, School of Radiography at 724-983-5603 or e-mail at

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