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Center for Digestive Diseases

Center for Digestive Diseases offers advanced gastrointestinal services

Center for Digestive Diseases
2501 Shenango Valley Freeway,
Hermitage, PA

Sharon Regional’s Center for Digestive Diseases, located at 2501 Shenango Valley Freeway, Hermitage, offers medical and surgical treatment options, as well as screening and diagnostic technologies for patients who have gastrointestinal, liver, pancreatic, or nutritional disorders.

Gastroenterologists Sagar Vallabh, M.D., and James Ezi-Ashi, M.D., specialize in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of:

Drs. Vallabh and Ezi-Ashi are assisted by certified registered nurse practitioner Maribeth Schiavone.

Patients with digestive diseases may also need to consult surgeons based on the results of various diagnostic procedures. Sharon Regional’s surgical specialists Ravi Sachdeva, M.D., Gene Marcelli, M.D., Sheetal Nijhawan, M.D., and Mark Roth, M.D. utilize the most advanced techniques in minimally invasive and single incision surgery for treating digestive diseases and cancers.

For more information on the Center for Digestive Diseases or an appointment, please call 724-983-0223.


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